Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All Things Summer & More

Summer is in full speed ahead now! The 4th of July is only a few days away and we are going to the beach for our usual family celebration. I'm really looking forward to it, food, campfires, beach walks, fireworks and most of all being with the family.

On the 5th we have yet another great event planned. Mamma en Pappa are coming! Yes, Jair's parents are due to arrive the evening of the 5th and we are so excited to receive them and be with them for the rest of July! We have a few fun adventures planned, but again I most of all look forward to being with them, drinking a cup of coffee with them, seeing memories being made with Oma & Opa and the kleine kinderen (small children). We have a small house, it's even small for the 5 of us - so this time around we've got a very special setup for Jair's parents - in a way it reminds me of the story Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - where all the family; parents, and two sets of grandparents live in one little house...We'll be nice & cozy that's for sure. Or as they say in YWAM sleeping under each others armpits.

Matthan has been doing really well on his diet and his supplements. He is such an amazing child, watching him take these vitamins (15-20) a day that are pills he has to swallow is just incredible to me - he does it! Some days he doesn't want to, but he still does :) His time in therapy (speech & occupational) are going well - at least today! He still has good days & bad days. Since school got out 3 weeks ago now, we have officially ditched all pull-ups and are toilet training (again), he is doing the best he has thus far and I am praying that by the end of summer, he will be well on his way for the coming school year.

I continue to pray for Matthan's healing. That Jehova Rapha (the God who heals) would touch his body, his brain in a miraculous way. I was very blessed by an incredible evening at church tonight - worship and praising Jesus. In that time of worship I received a verse: Psalm 139:5

"You hem me in—behind and before;
you have laid your hand upon me"

The power of the Word is incredible. I love it when the words jump off the page at me! The Lord has his hand on Matthan, yes on me too, and my family - but I really felt strongly a reminder to me, for Matthan. His healing hands - the great physician - is touching my baby boy and I will continue to knock & to seek Him in all things!

Hadrian is a wonderful little boy, who loves to play, be the "boss", and is unfortunately quite the "middle" child. It is hard to remember sometimes that he is only 3. He has got an older brother who takes and requires a lot of help and a baby sister who is simply the baby, the princess. There are times that my heart is heavy for him and I ask the Lord to help me protect his "childhood", to not make him grow up too fast and to remember to treat him special too.

And yes our little Hadassa is growing up. She is doing very well and loves being with the boys and doing what they are doing. It is so fun having a girl ;) She is often in my shadow (as most children are at this age) helping me, doing what I do - laundry, dished, groceries, etc...

In only a few short weeks - Jair will be turning 30 - We are planning on a little gathering of family and close friends for kayaking & dinner out!

And that my friends is a little update from The Dutchies


Anonymous said...

That is such a wonderful page Amy.....glad the family is doing well...enjoy your time with Jair's parents too...tell them hell from us.

Love, Fred and Brenda

Anonymous said...

that should say, tell them hello from us....

Fred and Brenda

Anonymous said...

My Dear Amy, I found your blog through Naomi's blog. I understand in part, the allergy thing. I found I am gluten intolerant, as well corn and a few other things. Everytime I see anything gluten free or c...n free(the milk protein)I think of you and wish I could tell you. Father has His hand on you and your sweet family. You will remember your 3 year old is a 3 year old. Father gives us the desires of our heart. I trust Him to give you an extra big hug from the insideout. Much love, Marion (Naomi's mom)