Friday, March 19, 2010

Day by Day

This whole process is a day by day situation for us.  Each day seems to get a little easier and a little more hopeful for things for his menu. 

We have a number of different supplements to give Matthan - he even has a huge "old person" pill box with 4 times each day for a week.  It's a lot to keep straight :)  Some of his vitamins he does just fine with, but others particularly the newer ones he his having a hard time getting them down.  They come in a capsule form and we are supposed to break them open into applesauce, or a smoothie - well so far that hasn't worked.  So, we tried to put the entire pill in a spoonful of applesauce and it worked for the first couple of times, then he got "onto us" and began swallowing the applesauce and biting the capsule - yuck!  That's so gross I can't even imagine - and no wonder he doesn't want vitamins anymore.  Today I found a nice webiste that listed a number of ideas for how to get your child to take these things.  One, I tried this morning was to put the capsule contents in some frozen juice concentrate - that was good - although he was still so smart that he new there were vitamins in there and he didn't want it after a try or two.  But, I tasted it, it was good, cold, sweet.  Maybe too sweet actually - so we added some "pop" club soda and that made it a little better.  He did good and finished it all.  I rewarded with a little bit of candy.  I think candy reinforcements might work too.  So, day by day....

The other day Jair came up with a very good idea to prepare snack packs for him for the week.  So, that when we are on the go - it seems we are often headed somewhere.  I can just grab a snack for him and know that he has something to eat wherever we go.  So, I made up a couple of those today.

I've also read a lot about egg replacers and am hopeful to make pancakes soon - using some ground flaxseed and water.  I like the idea of the flaxseed because of it's fiber and nutrition.  As well as I'm hoping to make some bread for him in the coming week. 

We are gearing up to paint this weekend and are buying the no voc paint - no toxins.  I'm super excited to have color on our walls!

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