Thursday, December 24, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting anything.  I was reminded yesterday by my little brother that we need to update this blog! 

I've been busy posting pics and things on facebook that I haven't posted anything here.

Life has been going pretty well lately.  We are enjoying the Christmas season.  The boys are still not very aware of Christmas and that it's now only a day away.  But they are aware of the Christmas trees and the lights outside as we drive at night - especially Hadrian.  He loves pointing out the lights and the moon :)  As soon as we got into the car last night, he found the moon and says "see mommy, the moon there's the moon right there"  I couldn't see it "no I can't see it"  "see right there, there it is" "nope I still can't see it"  "mommy, it's right there look" "okay, now I see it" He wasn't satisfied until I had seen it :)  The boys are singing a couple christmas jingles - Hadrian sings in his sleep - the other night he was sleeping in our room on the floor and I woke up to him saying "santa cwaus is coming to town"  (his l's are w's)

Matthan is doing well in school and therapy.  We are really thinking about trying a diet for him after the first of the year it's a GFCF (gluten free, casein free) diet.  It has helped many children with autism spectrum disorders, such as himself.  So, we might take the plunge and try it and see if it helps him at all.  It's a little overwhelming, but worth the try I think.  He is such a sweet boy, Matthan loves to give hugs and kisses these days - which is such a blessing to us. 

Hadassa is on her way to crawling.  I can't believe she's 8 months already.  She's eating a lot more different foods now, cheerios, cheese, yogurt, wow!  It goes by so fast.

I will try and post more here for those that do check up on us every so often. 

Merry Christmas!

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