Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby Girl ?!?!

Yesterday I had my ultrasound done. Of course, its always way cool too see the baby, the heart, the spine and all of that. And I had been praying and praying that baby would cooperate and show us what they were, but baby was more uncooperative than we had hoped for. So, the technician tried a number of times to get the right picture to determine if it's a boy or girl. And the pictures she did get, which weren't that great said girl, but because they weren't the exact picture, she (the technician) said probably a 70% chance girl. Well, and really no matter what they are never 100% guarantees on the ultrasounds and the sex of the baby. The other thing she said was that because the baby was super active while she was working on the ultrasound, usually if it's a boy when they are that active you would see that it's a boy. So, going into this ultrasound I really built myself up to think it's a boy, since we have 2 I was really in shock and I'm still kind of in disbelief and afraid to go for girl things because it's only 70% or so, and if I do go for it, and have a boy in delivery, I think it will be really hard for me to adjust to that idea. Not that I wouldn't still totally love the baby, but change isn't always easy - especially for me :) Anyhow, I had to get some of my thoughts down and welcome any prayers or suggestions :) I don't think another ultrasound will happen unless determined medically Lord, I need help to know how to be and think now.


Heather Friesen said...

I was pretty certain that I was expecting a girl but the other six members of my family were expecting a boy. We decided to have the ultrasound primarily so the one or six of us could have a few months to change our expectations. "Definitely a girl," was what my doctor said, concurring with the ultrasound tech.

However, if it was I who was wrong, I would have had difficulty letting go of the girl idea, having given birth to only girls so far (and favoring them).

All that said, I can only pray for you, that your heart would be open for either gender. You are not wrong for your feelings at all. They are normal and natural.

Maybe God will tell you when He gives you a name for your baby? ;)

Love, Heather

crystalinphilippines said...

Hey Amy and Yair!
We are so excited for you guys too! We are getting rid of our winter girl stuff. Let me know if you want anything! Congrats!