Sunday, April 02, 2006


This is us.


Marilyn Reichert said...

Hello Jair & Amy & Matthan - My heart leapt as I saw your name in my yahoo inbox! You guys have been on my mind for weeks... I'm back in Canada, arrived home to Vancouver BC on Feb 6th and as I came through Seattle to get home, I wished I had your # so I could have called to see how you're doing. How exciting that you have a new family member! How old is Matthan? Isn't it fun being parents? How are you doing?!?! How was your adjustment back to this world? I look forward to keeping up with you via your blog. Please keep me on your mailing list. Perhaps we'll have opportunity to visit in the next year. Blessings! And thanks for the fond memories of our times together on the m/v Anastasis.

Carrie said...

Hey Amy and Jair!! :) that looks like the picture I took of you all when I was there!! How's life on the west side going? I was just looking at some of my pictures..saw that one from the new coffee shop we visited last fall was it?'s their business going?

Daphne & Maarten said...

Hi to our dear friends! Nice website and pictures. Now we can see how you three live there. As Daphne mentioned before we are going to get married. It is very exciting and time is flying. I proposed her september 2005, and now it is already april 2006. It will be a ceremony with lots of music. Alex, (Daphne her dad, for Amy)has arranged that a choir is going to sing in the church. Wilco Meeldijk ( a son of Arie Meeldijk) will play trumpet. At the moment he is playing with the Mariniers Kapel! I think it will be a fantastic day.
Keep us in touch how thing are going there. I hope we can meet eachother soon.

Kimberly Martin said...

Amy and Jair! It is nice to see your smiling faces again and your beautiful baby boy, Matthan! I still pray for you all and hope that you are well. God loves you!

amy moore said...

Jair and Amy,

I owe you an email BIG TIME! And I have every intention of getting out to Seattle now that the snow is melting. I'm moving back eastward again in July, so I have my deadline.

Spring in Montana is so exciting! Much more coming in above-promised, long-overdue email.

Kisses to Matthan. Can't wait to meet him.


Fiona said...

Dear Amy and Jair,

Hello from Australia! It's been a year and 2 months since I saw you at home. So much has happened in that time. Matthan looks great! Has he taken his first steps yet? Look forward to keeping in touch.
Love Fiona.

Fiona said...

Dear Amy and Jair,

Hello from Australia! It's been a year and 2 months since I saw you at home. So much has happened in that time. Matthan looks great, has he taken his first steps yet? Did he get to wear the girrafe baby outfit from 3A gals? Look forward to keeping in touch, love Fiona.

Anonymous said...

What a cute family and fun way to document the happenings of your lives! I can't believe Mathan is about ready to walk! What a little man he is! I love you guys and look forward to many years of friendship to come!

Crystal Pettit said...

Ok, that last comment was not supposed to be anonymous...I must be a little blog illiterate. Anyway, hopefully this one will show up as me. :)